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How to avoid diarrhea?

When diarrhea begins to improve therefore began to eat foods that contain dietary fiber such as vegetables and fruits (avoid citrus fruits To avoid food for the stomach), brown rice, various grains, but still abstain from eating spicy food for at least 1 week.

Nutrients in salmon.

Salmon is one of the most popular foods nowadays and is a protein-rich food. Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals that are essential to the body. But sometimes eating too much salmon. May cause exposure to mercury that causes harm to health. Such as muscle weakness.  Salmon contains important

Flavonoids the secret to good health of tea.

Flavonoids It is a substance found in many fruits and vegetables. It’s not just found in green tea and only black tea. But it can also be found in soybeans, black galingale, grape seed extracts. And drinks like wine, etc. Flavonoids have antioxidant properties. Therefore there are many benefits to the