The Fulham boss has respond to reports that Carvalho

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The Fulham boss has respond to reports that Carvalho has sign a move to Liverpool ahead of time.

Fulham manager Marco Silva has responded to speculations that are circulating that Wonderkid midfielder Fabio Carvalho. Signed a contract to move to Liverpool in advance already.

“The fact is Rumors between Carvalho and the Premier League giants have been raging since November. And it will be stronger and stronger until the end of the season,” Silva told UFABET.

“If I’m not mistaken, it seems like I’ve said this many times. And never get bored because no matter how many times you ask. The answer will remain the same until an official announcement from the club.”

“I can’t lie about these things in the press. Carvalho has not yet agreed to a transfer to another club, according to rumors, and Fulham is trying to seriously consider a new contract offer. even though I know it’s hard to make him stay

“Unfortunately, Carvalho’s contract has only one year remaining, which implicitly holds the cards above the club. Which we admit that he is the one who has done the most amazing work. I love this kid’s soccer style. because he was the one who raised him up as a professional footballer and as a man.”

“What is it about the future? I, too, would like a clear and accurate answer that is most suitable for all parties. That’s what I said There is a high chance that he will not renew his contract. But let’s talk about it again after the season is over, isn’t it?”