Kleberson has warned Ten Hag to be careful of three stars moving

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Kleberson has warned Ten Hag to be careful of three stars moving away from Manchester United. After taking charge of the team.

Manchester United legend Kleberson has warned Erik ten Hag. Who may be coming as the new manager, to be on the lookout for three big players: Bruno Fernandes, Chris. Stiano Ronaldo and Marcus Rashford have left after taking over as manager this summer.

“I can clearly see that many Manchester United players will leave this summer. Despite getting a new manager, Erik ten Hag,” the Samba star told UFABET.

“With Ten Hag taking on the responsibility of building a new team from the ground up. This could make a big change in philosophy and tactics of playing football. And I’m also not sure how much money it would take to buy a player that meets the specs he needs.”

“Money might not be a problem. But due to a variety of factors, the key players who have a strong influence on the team may have to leave. So I can see that Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcus Rashford could be the first three.”

“It’s true that Bruno is hugely important to the current team. His quality can decisively decide every second win or loss and his team hasn’t dropped any more, he’s holding it back.”

“I’m not saying Ten Hag is going to sell these three. But there is a chance that they will decide for themselves a new path. so if possible I would like to see everyone stay and help each other build a successful team as well.”