Carragher believes Luis Diaz is causing problems 

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Carragher believes Luis Diaz is causing problems in the forward line for Mane.

Renowned guru Jamie Carragher believes Luis Diaz is a troublemaker for Sadio Mane. Who can step up Liverpool ‘s attacking line in the Premier League. This season, according to reports from the UFABET

The Colombian moved from FC Porto to Anfield in January. He also score his first goal and was also involve in winning the Carabao Cup a few months ago.

Carragher believes Diaz’s arrival is a transformation for Liverpool’s attacking line and also creates problems for Sadio Mane on the left wing.

“When he moved in He became the first in four or five years to put pressure on Sadio Mane in the left-wing position, causing Mane to now shut down as a centre-forward because of the pressure of Diaz in that position.

“He had the opportunity immediately since moving in. He made me feel like he was the one who took Liverpool to the next level, which now makes people look at their squad and say in unison they have some great players in the squad. You’ve the goals he’s score and you’ve how brave he is.”

“I can’t tell you how much Luis Diaz enjoys training each day. Because it’s a matter of individual feelings, if he doesn’t say it, we never know,” Klopp told a press conference.

“But one thing that can be confirm is that Diaz smiles uncontrollably through every minute of each training session. I haven’t seen this from any other Liverpool players over the years I’ve been on the job. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it. But that means he’s 100% adapte to everything at the club.”